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Belinda Snow

Executive Director

Project Director


Tammarrah Bryant

Public Housing Operation Manager

Admissions/Resident Relations








Shanta Nunn-Baro

Special Projects Coordinator


Yulunda White

Development Manager

Construction, Procurement and Vendor Relations







Historic Redevelopment and Rehabilitation

As the oldest public housing authority in Arkansas, the bricks, mortar, and systems that make up our sites have aged to the point where maintaining them far exceeds the funds that we are given annually from HUD and have in reserve to address these crucial concerns. A most recent needs assessment shows that we have $90 million of maintenance and modernization needs.  NLRHA receives an average $1.2 million each year from HUD and limited reserves that are spent across all sites to modernize and make improvements that are prioritize based highest needs.


Through this historic overhaul that will expected to take up to five years, the NLRHA seeks to dramatically change our public housing by: 


  • Providing better housing and enhancing quality of life by new buildings and rehabilitation of existing building

  • Maintaining affordable rents

  • Adding amenities, services, and conveniences

  • Create a healthier living environment

  • Experiencing fewer maintenance issues and reducing the costs to maintain site

  • Securing a source of ongoing income to make upgrades and repairs in a timely manner

  • Offering residents greater choice and mobility in where they live through housing voucher




Windemere Hills

Windemere Hills

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